Our story


15 February 2015

Our first post on Instagram

The first few 1000 followers will remember that we once started under the name @your_festival_info. By means of @your_festival_info we wanted to inform partygoers about all festivals in the Netherlands. For that reason we also posted information about techno & house festivals, but our love has always been with the harder festivals.

16 June 2016

Milestone: 10.000 enthusiasts after 1,5 years

Only after a year and a half 10.000 followers. In the meantime (with approx. 2000 followers) we decided to change our name to Hardfestivalviz. Firstly for the reason that the harder festivals are our festivals and secondly there was ours mening no account where harder festival videos were posted. How cool is it to watch videos from your favorite DJ or festival? That's right, we thought so too. Our goal: 'to become the account for the harder styles enthusiasts'.

December 1 2016

Our logo: Het Hardfestival logo

Hardfestival is now growing so fast that we are going to take a more professional approach. A logo is our first step. We have juxtaposed logos of well-known festivals and DJs to create as central a logo as possible. What exactly does the logo mean? Our slogan is: “through the sound”, in other words: “through the sound barrier”. The center piece in the logo is a jet fighter that blasts through it at full throttle. The three pieces of the logo around the jet fighter are pieces that momenDon't break free of the sound barrier. Not bad right :)

17 February 2017

30.000 enthusiasts!

We would never have dared to do thismen. @hardfestivalnl has 30.000 enthusiasts!
Hardfestival is growing explosively with about +2500 followers per month.

27 March 2017

The Hardfestival x Cap. Our first merchandise!

On March 27, we introduced our merchandise for the first time: the Hardfestival X Cap!
De caps were sold out within 2 weeks. That tasted like more!

16 October 2017


This is inconceivable. 50.000 enthusiasts! Proud of our team! What grows Hardfestival still very fast. What will be the next step for us? Let us know via

May 16th 2018

Hardfestival x Clothing

After months of trying, testing, wearing, washing and so on, it was finally time on May 16! Online sales have started from our Hardfestival X hoodies (unisex), T-shirts (men) and Tops (women). We are very satisfied with the end result. It is fitted, modern, it is contemporary and it is extremely comfortable because there is 5% elastic in every garment.

15 June 2019

Our first stage hosting

Last June 15th, history was written. For the first time we did, Hardfestival host our own stage!
It was an epic experience with our own line-up that took all the pilots through the sound. Let's unite for what's yet to come!

15 February 2020

Our birthday, 5 years Hardfestival

It all started 5 years ago ... Hardfestival started as an Instagram page to keep festival goers up to date on all festivals in and around the Netherlands. Now, nearly 3.500 posts further on, is Hardfestival an indispensable part of the hard scene. About 3 years ago, the step was taken to create a general logo and present it worldwide as the logo of the harder styles.

Every 5e  birthday of Hardfestival and the 3 year anniversary of the caps to celebrate, we bring a unique Limited Edition cap from. Limited to only 100 pieces, this is the ideal cap for the Pilots who want to go through the sound at ko's fattest festivalsmend year! That is of course not all, 5 year anniversary is not just anything. So we are going to go big! We don't stick to just one cap, there will also be a Limited Edition Hoodie and a Limited Edition Shirt.

Of course… that's not all, our 5th birthday isn't just anything. We do not keep it by just a cap, there will also be a Limited Edition Hoodie and a Limited Edition Shirt.

to April 10, 2020

Rebirth x Hardfestival Merchandise

A samenoperation with Rebirth Festival. The kick off of the festival season could not take place this year due to the Corona virus, howevermen we will be back next year harder than ever! The Rebirth x Collection consists of a Hoodie and a Baseball Cap including numbering on the inside up to 100/100.

December 8 2020


Proud that we are! What a number! 100.000 real harder styles enthusiasts in one account. After about 5,5 years, we have managed to reach this number with our team.

We celebrated this with our community by giving away 5x new Airfight Tracksuits.

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