Our story


February 15th 2015

Our first post on Instagram!

Our first few thousand followers might be able to remember that we once started under the name of @_your_festival_info. Through @_your_festival_info we wanted to inform all partygoers about all festivals in the Netherlands. For that reason we also placed information about techno & house festivals, but our love has always gone out to the harder festivals.

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June 18th 2016

Milestone: 10.000 followers after 1,5 years!

It took us a whole year until we had reached 6000 followers. During that time (at about 2000 followers) we decided to change our name to Hardfestivalnl for two reasons. First of all: the harder styles are our passion. Second of all because, we noticed that there weren’t any accounts that posted harder festival movies. How cool would it be to be able to watch movies of your favorite DJ or festival? Right, that’s exactly what we thought. Our goal: ‘become THE account for lovers of the harder styles.

December 1st 2016

Our trademartk: The Hardfestival logo

Hardfestival was growing so rapidly that we decided to get serious and take a more professional approach. A logo was our first step (towards professionalization)! We have compared logos from several popular festivals and DJs to each other in order to create a logo that would be as approachable as possible for everyone and would be a good representation of our story. So what exactly does the logo mean? Our slogan is: “through the sound”, in other words “through the sound barrier”. The center of the logo represents a jet fighter exploding through that barrier in full throttle. The three pieces of the logo around the jet fighter are pieces that are breaking loose of the sound barrier at that very moment. Not bad, right?

February 17th 2017


This is something we didn’t even dare to dream of. Hardfestival has 30.000 fans!
Hardfestival is growing with + 2500 followers on a monthly base.

March 17th 2017

The Hardfestival x Grey Cap! Our first merchandise.

On March 27th we introduced our first merchandise: de Hardfestival X Cap! The caps were sold out in two weeks.

October 16th 2017

50.000 Followers! Amazing!

Unbelievable. 50000 lovers! Hardfestival is growing so incredibly fast, are account is taking off, literally ;).
What should our next step be? Let us know via info@hardfestival.nl!

May 16th 2018

Hardfestival x Clothing!

After months of trying, testing, wearing and washing we reached a new milestone on the 16th of May! We launched our new clothing line in the Hardfestival online store including Hardfestival X hoodies (unisex), T-Shirts (men) and Tops (women). We are incredibly happy with the result. The clothing fits nicely, the design is modern and the clothing is incredibly comfortable due to the 5% elastane that is used in our clothing.

June 15th 2019

Our First stage hosting!

Last June 15th, history was written. For the first time did we, Hardfestival host our own stage!
It was an epic experience with our own line-up that took all the pilots through the sound. Let’s unite for what’s yet to come!

Februari 15th 2020

Our Birthday, 5 year Hardfestival!

It all started 5 years ago… Hardfestival began as an Instagram page to keep festival lovers up to date on all festivals in and around the Netherlands. Today, almost 3.500 posts further, is Hardfestival one of the biggest community worldwide. 3 years ago we made a huge step by making a clothing brand of Hardfestival. It began with a cap, the Grey cap. To celebrate the 5th birthday of Hardfestival and the 3 year anniversary of the caps, we release this Limited Edition cap. Heavily limited to just 100 pieces is this the ideal cap for the Pilots who go through the sound at the best festivals of coming year!

Of course… that’s not all, our 5th birthday isn’t just anything. We do not keep it by just a cap, there will also be a Limited Edition Hoodie and a Limited Edition Shirt.

IMG_8111 copy
April 10th 2020

Rebirth x Hardfestival Merchandise

The Rebirth x Hardfestival collection is specially designed for all harder styles lovers. A collection that gives you the feeling that you as a lover come home to the harder styles community. A community that immediately feels like family. Where you can be yourself. This is because we, as lovers, always have a conversation and share the same love with each other. It brings us together everywhere, especially what is badly needed now. In short: A top quality product that carries a message with it. Express your dedication and love of the harder styles around the world with this Rebirth x Hardfestival Hoodie & cap!