Logo Hardfestival


Our slogan = ”Through the sound“

The thought behind the logo originated from a jet fighter that explodes through the sound barrier, as shown in the image. The center of the logo represents the jet fighter and the three pieces of the logo around the jet fighter are the pieces that break loose from the sound barrier at that very moment. Hardfestival is the logo of the harder styles; it represents the music, the artists and the festivals in the scene. By wearing Hardfestival merchandise you show your love and pride for the harder styles to the rest of the world!

Logo statement

By wearing the logo of Hardfestival you show the world that you
can’t get enough of the harder styles. Hardfestival is THE brand to show off your passion, love and dedication on each festival. In our opinion you just can’t show up with a Defqon Cap on a Decibel festival.

Do you see it?

Yes? Let’s break through the sound together at full speed!