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Our slogan = ”Through the sound“

Our logo carries our slogan: “Through the Sound” or “(full throttle) through the sound”. The center piece of the logo symbolizes a jet fighter and the three separate pieces around the jet represent the pieces that are on that momenDon't break free of the sound barrier. Hardfestival aims to represent the harder music styles & DJs worldwide as a brand. By Hardfestival x Merchandise to wear, you show that you love harder styles and are proud to show this to the world!

Support for logo

By wearing the logo of Hardfestival show you that you can't get enough of the harder festivals. Hardfestival is the logo with which you can express your passion, your love and dedication at every festival. Our mening is that nowadays you can no longer walk with a Defqon cap on Decibel. 

Do you see it?

Yes? Let's all go full throttle through the sound!

Emblem black

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