ABOUT Hardfestival


Why Hardfestival?

Hardfestival is the logo of the harder styles; it represents the music, the artists and the festivals in the scene. By wearing Hardfestival x Merchandise you show your love and pride for the harder styles to the rest of the world!

Did you know that wearing Hardfestival x Merchandise helps you meet other fans at festivals? Let’s make new friends!

Our goal

Hardfestival has the goal to become the number 1 brand to represent all harder styles festivals, music styles and DJ’s worldwide. No matter who you are or what you do our brand message remains the same; We ❤ the Harder Styles and we’re damn proud of that!


As a company and brand we have a dream. One day we would love to host a Hardfestival X Outdoor Festival! We are getting more and more excited about assessing our options. Never say never!


Join Hardfestival!

Does it feel like you need to be part of Hardfestival? We’re always looking for people to join our team to make Hardfestival stronger!
Interested? Email us at: info@hardfestival.nl, including some nice motivation!