About Hardfestival


Why Hardfestival?

Hardfestival is the collective logo of the harder styles, music & the harder festivals. By Hardfestival x Merchandise shows that you love harder styles and are proud to show this to the world!

Did you know that you can go through the Hardfestival x Merchandise do you meet different enthusiasts at every festival? Let's make some new friends! 

Our goal

Hardfestival aims to represent the scene of harder festivals, harder music styles & DJs worldwide as a brand. Whoever you are, whatever you do, the message of our brand is the same: We ❤ Harder Styles and we're damn proud of it!

Our vision

We too have a dream. That is of course its own Hardfestival x Outdoor Festival! We are getting more and more anxious to look at the possibilities. We do not rule out anything ...

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